Poughkeepsie Plaza Shopping so festive!
Poughkeepsie Plaza stores offer some of the best shopping variety in the Hudson Valley, including styles for the whole family and unique items to brighten your home. Come shop smart with us!

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Poughkeepsie Plaza Shopping so tasty!
Fresh salads, burgers & ribs, cocktails with friends, gourmet pizza, fast food and sandwiches, and an award winning bakery — we've got it all.

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Poughkeepsie Plaza Nice Easy Convenient so easy!
Your to-do list is long and your time is short. The Plaza has great shopping, convenient services, easy access and plenty of parking. So get in, get out, and enjoy your day.  Who needs the mall hassles?

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Discount Savings Cards!

Pick up the Discount Savings Card at the Plaza office and participating stores >
Valid thru May 31, 2016
Poughkeepsie Plaza Discount Savings Card